Thailand Part 2

DSC00937For those of you who may be interested here’s a wrap up of the rest of our trip in Thailand, even though now it seems but a distant memory and I’m already on to planning our next trip. Continue reading

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Bit Of This, Bit Of That…


Hi there, I’m still around although I’ve been a bit quieter lately. I’ve noticed I don’t seem to be the only blogger laying low, perhaps there’s something in the blogosphere at the moment… In any case, I can blame it on holiday brain, less than 36 hours til takeoff and I’m super excited. Bring on the relaxation and fun! I’ve still been in the kitchen but I’ve been turning to others for inspiration lately. It’s weird, although I love blogging, and reading other food blogs, I don’t actually often cook other recipes. I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve realised it’s a bit silly and so plan to attempt more recipes that interest me. This will be particularly handy in the baking department no doubt, my personal bete noire… First up is this super healthy looking soba noodle salad from Alexandra’s Kitchen. I love her blog as the recipes are beautiful and most really appeal to me. I totally relate to her post about indulging in must have, unique ingredients which sometimes don’t get used quite as much as initially anticipated. This salad was a great success, very filling and healthy. The dressing is redolent of a spicy satay, the only difference I made was using steamed broccoli and sesame seeds in place of cucumber and peanuts. It was delicious and a perfect lunch to take to work. Continue reading

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Cavalo Nero, Pancetta & Bocconcini Open Faced Sandwich

DSC_3068I’ve been a little distracted lately… It’s funny, I recently wrote a post on the first anniversary of this blog about the importance of blogging regularly and then I totally drop the ball and fall out my own routine. Ah such is life I suppose. It’s been good to be busy with seeing family and friends, exploring our new corner of the world, and also making plans. Big plans. I live love to plan. If there was an olympics for planning/organising, I could be a serious contender. Continue reading

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Spinach & Fetta Pinwheels

DSC_1222Mr Market Basket has a bit of a love/hate relationship with his car. When he bought her about 5 years ago, you could say she was um well entering her twilight years I suppose. Nonetheless he took care of her and kept her going, even after completing the massive journey from Adelaide up to Brisbane. Continue reading

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Noosa Dreams…..


I haven’t been in the kitchen too much lately. The weather has been too delightful to spend a lot of time indoors. Last weekend saw us take a sneaky little getaway to one of our favourite destinations, Noosa.  Continue reading

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Butter Chicken

DSC_2406Sometimes it’s easy to compare ourselves to those around us who may have more than us, and to feel like something’s missing as a result. In my experience, this generally leads to feelings of inadequacy, sometimes envy and other less desirable emotions. I’m trying not to do that so much anymore. Yes, perhaps I don’t have some things that other people my age do, but I still have a lot. When I see people who have things that I don’t, I’m trying not to let that get to me, and instead just focus on the things that I have going for me. One way to achieve that perspective I’ve found, is to compare myself to the billions of people who have so much less than me, instead of the few that have more. Continue reading

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